Multiple meetings web sdk with one set of keys

Our goal is to take multiple meetings in our web portal at the same time, with our set of JWT credential keys for the web SDK.

At the moment if two of our users enters two different meetings, it says “already has a meeting”. We want to know if it is possible to avoid this, maybe by authenticating all the users, so they join the meeting with their zoom account and not with ours.

We tried creating the meetings with the “meeting_authentication” flag on true, but the users seems to joins the meeting on the web sdk with our account, maybe because of the jwt keys.

+1, i’m also interested in that. Let say our clients have 10-15 meeting rooms each that can be going on concurrently, it would be nice to be able to run those on same account without forced host and using our company’s JW token. But from what i understand JWT is force-bound to a user.

You guys need a “corporate” or “enterprise” versions of the platfrom that could scale.

Hi @anton.skvortsov @assistenza

JWT Apps are used account wide, so anyone on the account can host meetings. Right now Zoom does not support host to run concurrent meetings[1] regardless of platform. An option would be to obtain the right amount of host license to make sure that concurrent meetings do not happen between host schedule meetings.
We do offer per minute, non host license meetings via our ISV program[2] if you’re interested in going that route.

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Let us know if this works