I'd like to host many concurrent 1 on 1 meetings simultaneously. Need guidance on steps to take

Sorry if this isn’t the appropriate forum, but I felt it was the best fit.

I’m building a webapp for a company that needs to be able to create multiple (possibly concurrent) zoom meetings.

The requirements are that people can join these meetings by just going to our webapp url or clicking a button on our app. We have hundreds of users so we can’t possibly ask them to each create a zoom account.

I figured out I’m getting close to what I need to achieve with the OAuth Server to Server and Meeting SDK.

My issue is I’m reading even business accounts can only host up to 2 concurrent meetings at most.

Is there any solution to build something like this with Zoom? Upgrading the account is fine.

Looking for advice on how to technically build what I’m looking to achieve and what kind of Zoom account do I need to upgrade to for a business client.

Thank you in advance.