Concurrent Webinars - is there any difference between SDK and native Zoom app?

We’re developing an app which integrates Zoom into an online events platform. This is for a client who is requesting to run several concurrent webinars.

I appreciate that in order to run concurrent webinars, a Zoom Webinars license for each concurrent webinar host is required.

My expectation is that, so long as these licenses are purchased, this should be possible whether webinars are set up and started through the SDK or through the native Zoom App.

The SDK App credentials for the main Zoom account is used in our integration and then any licensed Webinar host on that account can run their webinars through the SDK whether concurrent or not. Is that correct? Or are there any hurdles I’m missing here?

Hi @jon3
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community!
I am sorry we missed your post, but I am happy to help here!
Do you still need assistance with this issue? If so, your understanding is correct, any licensed Webinar host on the account can run the webinars through the SDK whether concurrent or not :slight_smile:
Hope this helps and please feel free to reach out back to us