Webinar Feature integration in Mobile & Web App

Hi there!

We currently run and continue to build a professional networking Mobile.

We’ve so far been hosting all our virtual events on Zoom (Out App)

For our members/user, we would now like to host Virtual events inside the App by integrating the Zoom SDK into our App.

Can you help me understand if we integrate Zoom SDK (assuming its the ‘Zoom Meeting’ SDK) will the following features will be available for our users (As it is available in Zoom Webinars)

For Users/Attendees

  1. User should be able to see & hear the hosts/co-hosts speaking in the Mobile/Web App
  2. User should be able to comment or ask questions (Q&A) to the hosts/co-hosts in the Mobile/Web App
  3. Will the user be able to see the other users viewing the live virtual video as well?
  4. Can the user be given permissions to speak via the mobile app (Like how it is on Zoom)
  5. Can there be a hand raise feature, chat feature and the Q&A feature (Like how it is on Zoom)

For Hosts/Co-Hosts?

  1. Can the hosts/co-hosts start or host the event via a Desktop Zoom dashboard/interface (Like how it is is)
  2. Will the host/co-host be able to see/view the app’s users in the attendees/participant’s list?
  3. Will the host/co-host be able to see/view the participant’s comments?
  4. Will the user be able to reply to attendee’s/participant’s comment?
  5. Will there be an option to have multiple co-hosts (basically multiple panelists if there are many speakers speaking)
  6. Can we have the recording of the videos (Like how it is on Zoom)
  7. Can I broadcast/live stream an offline event into the App via the SDK
  8. Can I broadcast a pre-recorded event into the App

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks & Regards,