Conditions for displaying the "Approve for all users zoom" toggle button and its impact

On the client authentication screen for Zoom API OAuth authentication,
I would like to know the conditions under which the “Approve for all users zoom” toggle button is displayed and its impact.

The web application we develop has a function that uses the Zoom API, and this time we decided to use the Zoom API with OAuth authentication.
However, on the client authentication screen, it was found that some users displayed the “Approve for all users zoom” item and some users did not.
I was not sure under what conditions this item would be displayed, so could you tell me?
Also, what happens and what is the impact if the “Approve for all users zoom” item is toggled ON?
I would appreciate it if you could provide me with the above two points.

Does anyone know anything about this matter?

Hi , for the users that saw “Approve for all users zoom”, are they Admin on the account with Marketplace app approval permissions?

Please read that support article and tell me if that describes what you’re seeing.