User unable to approve app with specific user approval permissions

We have a company struggling to add our product due to the permissioning UX for Zoom Apps. They explicitly added the email for the team member trying to sign up, but when the user goes back to install the product, it asks to contact the admin again for approval.

We’re going to see if we can have them approval the app for the entire org, but I don’t think we have any debugging tools on our end to fix this or figure this our for our customers - blocking usage/install of our app and Zoom within their org (they’d invite their entire company to Zoom if they can get this permissioning thing approved, but getting quite frusterated).

They went to our app, clicked “specific user” for permission, added the user, they see it on the list. But then the user can’t install.

I asked them if they could NOT do specific user, and instead just allow for all people, but apparently Zoom spams everyone in the organization when they do that, and do not want to have that bad experience again. Any ideas on work around to get apps approved?