Connecting a Sandbox Account to our "Development" application part


We have a published marketplace application “Aternity” that uses the Webhook feature and Oath web api.

we currently want to develop and test some changes to the code that runs on our side with the integration.

for that we created a sandbox account number “7005856238”.

we want to connect this sandbox account to the Development Part of our application app id:

in order to test the changes on our development environment before we upload it to our production environment.

Is there away to allow our sandbox account to use the development part of our application (with the development webhook)?


Hi @iperry,

Good question—it will not be possible to test the dev instance of an app outside of the account the app was created in. If you wish to test in another account, you will either need to request a Publishable URL and test the production instance of the app in a separate account or you will need to recreate the app separately in your test account to mirror the dev experience.


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