Contact Center Address Book API missing functionality to define phone number type

API Endpoints

  • PATCH /contact_center/address_books/{addressBookId}
  • POST /contact_center/address_books/{addressBookId}/contacts

Background Description
Our company is currently in the process of transferring contact information for our employees / customers into Zoom.

For our employees, the API has all the functionality we expect:
When editing a Zoom user profile, we are able to define additional phone numbers, labeling them according to the enumerated list of number types:

This functionality is paralleled in the API through the “Update Users” endpoint, which includes a “label” property with each number (PATCH /users/{userId}):

"phone_numbers": [
      "code": "+1",
      "country": "US",
      "label": "Mobile",
      "number": "5550100"

Using this endpoint, we were able to develop an automated process to synchronize our employee contact information.

We were able to use the “Import contacts from CSV” feature to successfully migrate all our current customer contacts into a Zoom Contact Center Address Book:

Moving forward, we will need a way to synchronize the contacts from our ERP solution into Zoom regularly so that our employees will have updated contact info when making calls to our customers. We were hoping to be able to use the API similarly to how we were able to develop an automated process for our employee contact information. There does exist a “number type” field for additional contact numbers…

However, the API lacks a way to specify or modify this type from any endpoint, instead just automatically assigning numbers to the “Other” type:


So, although the “main” contact number transfers over correctly, in cases where our employees want to reference the other contact numbers, they need to go back to our ERP to reference the number type, which really diminishes the advantage of having the alternate numbers synched over.

Did I miss any endpoints that do allow this property to be modified?
If not, can this functionality be added to the API?

Current Workaround
The “CSV Import” does insert the numbers by type (each position in the entry corresponds to one of the types).

However, lacks automation functionality and also has limitations on number of contacts imported at once. We are currently using the debugger to dissect the process ({addressBookID}/uploadContactsCSV) to see if that can be automated instead. Although, it’s the most enjoyable code to look through… :slightly_smiling_face:
I was able to get the endpoint to accept my POST request (with csv included), but no contacts appeared… so hoping for better news on the official API end!

@smroldan thanks for reaching out. I will discuss this case with the engineering team and see if we have a solution or a work around

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Is there an update on this one?