Contact Center Address Book List not sending next_page_token

API Endpoint
GET /contact_center/address_books/{addressBookId}/contacts

Our customer address book has a number of customer contact info which we want to query via the API.

The “next_page_token” property is blank in the response. Also, the page_size / total_records properties are also incorrect (the API call is definitely returning more than 10 records, and there are over 80k contacts in total)
Because of this, we cannot read past the first page of results.

How To Reproduce

  1. Using our Server-to-Server OAuth app to expose API endpoints, we make a request to /contact_center/address_books/{addressBookId}/contacts
  2. The response json does not contain a “next_page_token”, among other incorrect properties.

No workaround
The documentation for the list Zoom Users endpoint (GET /users) specifies a parameter “page_number” as an alternative for paginating through the records.
We thought we might be able to work around the missing “next_page_token” using this parameter on the list Address Book Contacts endpoint. However, the documentation only specifies “next_page_token” as the only way to paginate through.

Hey @smroldan
Sorry for the late reply here. Are you still having this issue where you do not get a next_page_token back in your response?
Please let me know how can I help here

Hi Elisa,

Thanks for the response. This issue got resolved at some point and the next_page_token is working as expected. Appreciate the follow up though! You can consider this issue resolved.



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Thanks for the update and feel free to reach out to us if anything else comes up!

I’ll do that. We did recently encounter an issue with “presence_status” no longer appearing in the “/contacts” endpoint after this weekend which we are trying to figure out how to escalate. Is that something you would be able to help us resolve? One of our more important custom integrations broke as a result. (Support ticket: #17894165)

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Hi @smroldan I will follow up in that support ticket