Zoom Contact Centre API - supported flows and user lists

My team is working on an integration to support the Zoom Contact Centre API. We’ve encountered a few questions which I’m looking for assistance with.

Question 1
We would be relying on the contact_center.recording_completed event to know when to retrieve recordings. I’m trying to understand what calls flows are and are not supported/covered by Contact Center API endpoints. For instance, does this webhook cover call queues, transfers, conference calls etc?

The best I could find was a single sentence under " Accessing and sharing call recordings" (Accessing and sharing call recordings - Zoom Support) which states that only automatic recordings are kept for call queues (no ad-hoc recording?). So by extension, does that mean all other call scenarios are covered?

Question 2
Let’s suppose that a Zoom customer (Business Inc.) has a single Zoom account for all their employees. Their employees fall into three broad groups:

  • Group A are configured for Meeting recording.
  • Group B are configured for Contact Centre recording.
  • Group C are configured for both Meetings and Contact Centre recording.

The Meeting API has a “GET List Users” endpoint that returns a list of users on the account. The Contact Centre API does not appear to have the same endpoint.

My questions are:

  • In the Contact Centre API, what is the equivalent API endpoint/call to the “GET List Users” endpoint found within the Meeting API?
  • If we were to query the “GET List Users” endpoint from the Meeting API, this would presumably return all users in Group A. Would it also include all users in Groups B and C?
  • From the information returned by the same endpoint, is there a way to distinguish which Group(s) a user belongs to?
  • If the answer to the previous question is No, is there an endpoint/query available in any of Zoom’s API suite that would enable this?