Conversion failed as my computer went into the sleep mode

While downloading the lesson I had with my students, my computer went into the sleep mode and later I tried to convert the file but it didnt work… double click didnt work because in the new version of Zoom, I have to go to the Recordings part. I recorded the lesson and I have the files with extensions, but I cannot see it in the Local Recordings part. I have no problems with the storage capacity of my pc. What should I do?
btw, I sent 7 emails to the support team with the URL links of the lesson I recorded so that they can convert it and send back to me, but they didnt reply to me. I tried to call the us office on the phone but to no avail. I couldnt connect the live support team for the past 8 hours and I am sleepless for the past 18 hours:) I hope ı am in the right place right now:)
Anyone who can help me?

Hey @naci2929,

Please wait patiently for the support team to get back to you as this forum is for the Zoom Marketplace Platform.