Recording File "double_click_to_convert" wasn't created/cannot be found

Hello everyone, last week I made a recording of an important interview on my macbook via the zoom desktop app. After closing the recording I wanted to look over it again but couldn’t convert the video. When I try to convert the recording inside of the zoom app I get an error that states: “The files to be converted cannot be found” but the recording is saved in the meetings section. The problem is that I didn’t even get the “double_click_to_convert” file. The only file I received after the recording is “recording.conf”.
Is somebody able to help me or had similar problems?
Would appreciate the help!
Best regards.

Hi @danieI
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community.
Could it be possible that you saved the recording in the cloud instead of your local machine? that could be the reason why you are seeing it in the web portal but not in your computer

Hey Elisa,
Unfortunately, it wasn’t saved in the Cloud (I don’t even have a subscription for that).
The only thing I have is a “recording.conf” file and the recorded meeting shows up in my local machine. The “double_click_to_conver” file is completely missing (or at least I can’t find it)

Hi @danieI
Do you have the meeting ID to share with me so I can look into the meeting to see if it was recorderd?

Hey @elisa.zoom
There you go: 217 049 3858

Thanks @danieI
I see that the meeting ID you shared is your Personal meeting room and when you use this meeting ID, the meetings are instant and I can not track down the exact meeting or day that you used it, I can not even track if the meeting was recorded.
As this is not an API or developer-related issue, I would encourage you to ask the Zoom Community here:

Hi @elisa.zoom I’ve had a similar issue
-can’t find any recording or double click to convert files.

Would you possibly be able to look up my meeting ID please and see if you can find anything?

Thanks so much! :blush: