Install Button Doesn't Install Chatbot in Zoom Client

The documentation at suggests that once you’ve set up all the credentials for your chatbot, then clicking install will actually install the chatbot in your zoom client, which I assume in my case would be the zoom desktop client. But clicking the install button actually redirects me to the redirect url. Furthermore, when I open the zoom desktop client, I don’t see any automated welcome message sent by the chatbot, which is what is supposed to happen according to those same docs.

Am I missing something about how to install / create a chatbot?

Which App?
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Chatbot app

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create a chatbot app on the zoom marketplace
  2. Click install in the Local Test section

Screenshots (If applicable)
I noticed that I get this message when I first click the install button, rather than the one in the docs I linked to above. It looks simliar, but it’s not quite the same.

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Hi @hlowso,

Can you confirm if you’re testing with a Pro or higher account?


This is no longer an issue for my team - the install button seemed to make the chatbot work, although it’s still unclear whether in production we’ll have to get each individual user to authorize its use or whether it can be installed just one time.

However the more pressing issue for us right now is this Chat linking via Chatbot messages endpoint. Any insights on why chatbot-created chat-links to a channel might not be working in the zoom client would be really helpful!

Thanks for confirming @hlowso — I’ve just replied to your other post separately.