Create event ticket missing scope "zoom_events:write:ticket"

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)
POST /zoom_events/events/{eventId}/tickets

i want to create a ticket via the api, but I always get the error missing scope zoom_events:write:ticket.
I double checked that my app does have this specific scope marked. Also when retrieving the access token, i can see in the data / scopes-list this specific requested scope. Also, I have no issues calling other ticket related apis like GET /zoom_events/events/{eventId}/tickets or GET /zoom_events/events/{eventId}/tickets/{ticketId} . Please help me out on this, I believe there is an error regarding this specific scope validation.
Thanks in advance

{code: 124,message: ‘Invalid access token, does not contain scopes[zoom_events:write:ticket].’}