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I have some questions related to create user and create scheduled meeting.
I need to create users from “action: custCreate”. Then create scheduled meeting and add my users as host or alternative_hosts.
My questions below:

  1. For user creation. How does zoom validate emails that i put as
  2. For user creation. Since i am using api plan, how does it matter in user_info.type?
  3. For scheduled meeting creation. My “custCreate” users are set as host or alternative host in a meeting. Since “custCreate” has no password and cannot login into zoom, how can my “custCreate” user join the meeting?


Hey @h1016j, thanks for reaching out!

custCreate - This action is provided for API Partner Plans only. Do you have this type of plan?

  1. What do you mean validate emails?
  2. user_info.type specifies what level of user you want to create. If you want that user to have access to use the API’s, they have to be Pro level and above.
  3. You could add the email as a participant and they will get an email notification to join the meeting.


Hi @tommy

We are planing to use API plan. We use 60 day trial for now. To answer your questions:

  1. I mean validate if the email is a real email. For example what if i just put
  2. Got it.
  3. User created by custCreate will not able to login into zoom and have no password. So, in zoom API, if I created scheduled meeting and put custCreate user as host. How will this user login into the meeting?

Hey @h1016j

To use the custCreate feature you need to be a Zoom API Partner.

  1. Zoom only validates if it is a valid email format. So would work, but would not work.

  2. :slight_smile:

  3. In the response of the Create Meeting endpoint, the custCreate user will be able to start/join the meeting with the start_url which has a zak token attached that lasts 90 days

We updated our docs with more info on the start_url:


Hi @tommy
Can API free trial account use api to create a custCreate user?

Hey @h1016j,

Unfortunately no. To use the custCreate feature you need to be a Zoom API Partner.