In the API partner mode, why do we need to create an user?

Hi, I’m now subscribing API partner plan.

We are building a tutoring service ( the dynamic number of teachers teach different amount of times( + Some of them will continue to teach and some of them not ) and that is the reason why we purchased API partner plan to pay for the amount of time that “All member” use video-conferencing service per month).

So I create the meeting room with meeting/create api with “option join before host” since host is basically (me = my service account) and anyone who knows the generated url ( zoom_url = This “anyone”  includes a tutor and a student. ( Only two people fundamentally, and sometimes including the admin person who also knows the url ).

_ In this situation, do we need to create a user with user/create or user/ custcreate ? _

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The difference between create and cust create:  /user/create creates an user account and will send out an e-mail to that user for account validation. Until that user signs into the account through the link we send in that e-mail, the user is not active on our platform. custcreate will let you create an user account without any validation e-mails. However, that user will not be able to login into

Which one you want to use depends on the application you are building. If you don’t expect the user to login to zoom and the user interaction is managed by your app, then you can go with custcreate. If not, you need to use user/create.



Wei @ Zoom

Hi Wei,

 thanks for your update. 

Accordingly, I don’t need /user/create api.

Upon the user/custcreate, then why do I need to make a user? For instance, when I create meeting, anyone who knows the url of the link will be able to join right? In that case, what is the reason or benefit to create a user in that case?

When I run a simulation with Mobile App, if the URL is hard-coded with the username ( which I fetch from the server of my service ), the user was able to join the meeting. 

Would you give me a more detail explanation on the efficacy of custcreate? (:

I am really looking forward to seeing the quick reply since I really need your help!





Hi Sungpah, Manually creating meeting links is not recommended and will not scale. What if you have more users who want to be hosts ? 

Every user who want to host meetings should have an account in Zoom. The account is created when a user signs up with our service through the portal or through the API. 

The workflow in your app should be:

  • your user signs up to your service

- If your app determines that the user will be a host of zoom meetings, you create that user in Zoom under your account 


Wei @ Zoom