Created user, but user not listed in user list?

SOLVED: New user must validate the new account, which means clicking the account verification link sent to them by email. Since my test user wasn’t using a real email address, the account was never validated.

I wrote a WordPress plugin, for personal use, which allows a few admin functions like list users, view and change key and secret key, and now create users.

According to the response object, my API request did result in a user being created:


(note that I am using a fake name and fake email address for testing purposes)

It appears that a user has been created, especially since Zoom returns an id. However, when I list all users using my list user utility, the new user name is not in the list.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
JWT app


post variables & structure:

        "action": "create",
        "user_info": {
          "email": "",
          "first_name": "Galubrious",
          "last_name": "Beetle",
          "type": 1

Can someone tell me why my newly created user is not showing up in my users list?
(users list:


Correct, if the users email is never validated, they will remain in the “pending” state.

If you ever need to get “pending” users, simply add the ?status=pending query param to the request url.