User get created even though the email does not exist

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I have seen a pretty weird thing in zoom Create User API, where when we create a user with an email that doesn’t even exist, the user gets created anyways. But the user will be displayed in request pending tab, because the user didn’t accepted the request as the email doesn’t exist. I am using Create request for user creation not other methods like ssoCreate or autoCreate.

In my Opinion the user will never get created because they doesn’t exist. And I also want to know what will happen with ssoCreate or autoCreate or custCreate method with the above same scenario?

Hi @usertestdelete92
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum.
Allow me to do some testing on my end to see if I can replicate this issue.
I will also do some internal research to provide you with some information.


Okay. Looking for your Reply.

Hello @elisa.zoom

Is there any updates on this?

Hey @usertestdelete92
Thank you for your patience while I looked into this.
After doing some internal research I found out that this is by design.
There is no reliable way for us to verify if an email address is real or if it exists and that is why users have to accept the email request in order to activate the account.

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Thanks @elisa.zoom .

Another thing, Just think that we have an associated domain in our account, can we add the users that are not associated with our domain. Like (Sample.test) is our domain, can we add a user to our account whose email is .

And also if we have a business account and didn’t added any domain and added users in it containing different domain names. After sometime if we add a domain to account what will happen to the existing Users present in the Account?

Hello @elisa.zoom

I am expecting of a reply from your end.

Hey @usertestdelete92
I believe you can add users with different domains to your account.
If you add a domain after adding users with different domains, I do not think those previous added users will get affected.

Thanks @elisa.zoom . I have also checked this and it is working Fine.

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