CreateGroupBO no longer supported?

CreateGroupBO no longer supported?

After updating the SDK (MeetingSDK v5.13.10.7064)
Value of type ‘MobileRTCBOCreator’ has no member ‘createGroupBO’
and an error is displayed.

Previously, I was able to use the following code to use it.
MobileRTC.shared().getMeetingService()? .getCreatorHelper()? .createGroupBO(boidlist)
createGroupBO() is listed in.

Please let me know if createGroupBO is no longer supported?

Hello @KAZUMA87 ,

We’re still supporting createGroupBO in MobileRTCBOCreator. Had you upgraded the SDK’s xcframwork file to the 5.13.10 version successfully? Also, you can use the “Jump to definition” function on MobileRTCBOCreator to check whether there is createGroupBO in it.
Thank you


Hello @elaine.ku ,

Thanks for the reply.
Once I removed MobileRTC.xcframework and reinserted it, I was able to use createGroupBO() without any problem.
I appreciate your advice.

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