Registered participants need to enter name when joining the meeting with browser

Registering our participants on scheduled meeting by “Add Meeting Registrant” with email, first name and last name sent in request.

Participants, that joining with browser need to enter name before join. In zoom app there is no such problem. Is it right behavior?

Which Endpoint/s?
Add Meeting Registrant

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create scheduled meeting with approval_type:1 parameter
  2. Add participant and approve
  3. Join meeting in browser with join_url from 2nd step (need to be unauthorized in browser)
    Result: page “Enter your name” before joining the meeting


Hey @Seniki, thanks for using Zoom!

This is the intended functionality. (But I will talk to team about pre filling the name field if joining by a invited join url).

If you would like to by pass this, you can set the username by default using this custom join url solution:


Hi! It could be a solution, but there is another problem: participants, joined with this link, have no sound in every browser, except chrome.

Hey @Seniki,

Are they allowing access to their camera/microphone in Safari?


Sorry, I meant there is no sound in speakers and they are switched on:

Switching “off” and then “on” helps to solve sound problem in chrome browser, but in other browsers it will not help.

Hey @Seniki,

I am having trouble reproducing this issue.

Can you provide steps so I can reproduce that? Including what browser?

Also if you could translate that message on the screenshot to English?


Hi @tommy !

  1. Create any meeting, for example scheduled, without registration
  2. Start created meeting (mic is on)
  3. Join participant with url:{MeetingID}/join?prefer=1&un={Base64EncodedUsername} in Firefox
  4. Speak from the host

Result: participant don’t hear the host, speakers are on.

With other join url ({MeetingID}) there is no problem with sound neither on browser or app.
Reproducing in latest version of FF, Opera, Safari (sometimes in Chrome, as I aid previously)

Hey @Seniki,

Thanks for the details, I was able to reproduce the issue.

I will work on a solution and get back to you.


Hey @Seniki,

Looks like on Safari, Edge, and Firefox, our Web Client does not support joining with computer audio, thus the person on that Web Client is unable to be heard.


More information here:

I was however able to reproduce the issue on Chrome where the person on the Web Client could not be heard. Like you said, this only happened a minority of the time.