How to allow guests joining a meeting under a specific names

I had a meeting for guests (no Zoom sign in required) and they were provided a unique username (from our system) to use. Once they are asked to provide Name and Email to join a meeting, only those having a Name within our username list can join.

Right now, they can type anything in Name and Email and then… join. This is not what we’re after.

Is there a way for me to handle that? I’m OK with API (if there is one). Sorry if it’s a noob question but I’m new to Zoom :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for any suggestion!

Hey @leotrieu,

You can use the Create Registrant endpoint to handle setting the name in Zoom.

Let me know if you need more details!


Awesome! Thanks for that, @tommy

I know we have Docs for Dev but is there any other tutorials or docs with more details of how we can get started to build app with Zoom API?


You are welcome @leotrieu !

Depends what you are wanting to accomplish! You can see various getting started guides on this page: