Customize sending / receiving video & audio data

I’m researching how to integrate Zoom SDK with our app in Unity and how to send video & audio data from our customize image data instead of camera device.
For example, is it possible to send video / audio data from Unity (virtual) camera and put the upcoming video / audio data from other user into render buffer / texture in Unity?
Furthermore, could I call the API IZoomSDKVideoSender.sendVideoFrame (char *frameBuffer, int width, int height, int frameLength, int rotation) directly to send video image to other users in meeting?


Hi @Leo_YC_Lin, thanks for the post.

Manually sending video and audio data would require a raw data license, which we do not make publicly available for the client SDK.

Our new Fully Customizable SDK offers this functionality out of the box. More information on this SDK can be found here. If you have more questions about using that SDK, please use #fully-customizable-mobile-sdk.