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I was hoping that someone would be able to clarify whether the application that my company is developing can be classified as a private application (the one that does not require publication on the zoom marketplace) as well as 2 other questions.
Our application aims to add the function of joining zoom meetings (using the WebSDK with a JWT app) without using OAuth (so we will not be requiring individual user accounts). From the existing documentation I can infer that we do not need to register such an app on the marketplace, is that correct?
The other question relates to the rates when using websdk. Are there any limits on using it or limits on number of meetings that can be joined?
And the final question would relate to the deployment of this application. We have multiple deployment platforms that we need to deploy the application to. Do we use a single developer account for those, or do we need to create an account and JWT app per platform?

Hey @m.yankovskyyuk,

Great questions—happy to clarify!

First, I should note that based on your use case here (using the Web SDK and authenticating via JWT), you do not need to submit your app for review by our team, and this can be a private app.

Second, in regards to limits on the Web SDK, Zoom rate limits apply only to API requests and are applied on an account level. If you have several different apps under your account, the credentials associated with each of these will all count towards your rate limits.

In regards to the Web SDK, this can hold up to 1000 attendees if you have the right plan—if you have a Pro account, it holds up to 100 participants by default unless you buy a Meeting 500 add-on. Business accounts can hold up to 300 participants by default. You can see our plan capacities here:

Regarding deployment, you should be able to deploy your web app (Web SDK) to multiple environments using the same credentials. This should not require separate Zoom accounts.

I hope this helps! Let me know if there are still questions.


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Hello @will.zoom,
Thank you for your fast response. I had another question related to the rate limits. In the future, if my company was to introduce the functionality to use personal logins using OAuth2 and went through the publication process of a public application, is it theoretically possible to publish the same app multiple times using different accounts? The main consideration in this case would be the rate limits. (There is not anticipation that we will hit them, but it is useful to know).
Thank you for your answer in advance!

Hey @m.yankovskyyuk,

Typically that is not a solution we suggest if you hit rate limits. If you are hitting rate limits with your single, published app, we can help you with a solution. :slight_smile:


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