Delete Meeting webhook for user-managed private app: can I get notified?

I have private, user-managed app, which can create/delete meetings on behalf of the requesting user (OAUTH from my webserver using standard Zoom apis). My users authorize app to do this using their zoom account: I store access/refresh tokens associated with the requesting user. There is nothing to “Install” – users on my webapp grant my app access.

When the user deletes a meeting via my App, I can send delete request via zoom api, and meeting is removed. Works, great.

Question: If the user deletes the meeting via Zoom Web interface, is there any way I can get notified? (I don’t want/need to be notified of all their meeting deletions – each user could have created meeting unrelated to my app & I don’t care about them) The problem I’m trying to avoid is “thinking” there’s a meeting scheduled & not knowing the user remove (or changed) it outside of my application.

Webhooks API would seem to be related to this, but I don’t think they’ll work. I can’t register for specific meeting_ids – and though I can easily have a webhook endpoint how does Zoom know to send “me” the notifications for each of my many users?

The alternative might be for me to daily poll(?) for active meetings to resynchonize: is there something better?

Hey @peter1,

Thanks for the detailed post! I would use our Meeting Deleted Webhook, and then check the meeting ID in the payload to see if there is any action needed on your system.


Thanks, @tommy… I have the webhook set up and working. I guess I’ll just ignore deletion notices for meetings my app isn’t involved with.

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Sounds good! :slight_smile: