Deployment zoom Web Client on IIS


The zoom web client was working fine on the local host IIS, but when we deployed on the windows server 2012 IIS,“Join by computer Audio” option is not working,


Any suggestion in this matter will be highly appreciated


Hi Class 11, 

What browser are you using? Can you check the devtools within the browser to see if there any errors listed?



I am using Chrome Browser and there are no error appearing in the Web Console. Its clear


Hi Class 11, 

Are you able to click the Join by computer Audio? Do you hear anyone or can anyone hear you?


The “Join by Computer Audio” button show a loading wheel for some time and then it shows a message that unable to connect please try again later.


Your help will be appreciated in this manner.


Please Help in this regard.


Hi Class 11, 

We have reported this to the Engineering team and they are currently investigating. 


Hi ,

Any update related to this issue.




Hi Class 11, 

Our Engineers are still looking into this issue. So far they have determined that the config within IIS must be MIME type,

As soon as our Engineers are able to resolve this on their end, I’ll followup on this forum thread.