Deprecated Client URLs?

This page:

Now says:
“Deprecated: Client URL Schemes
External support for direct client URLs has been removed. For any questions, pleases contact”

So does this mean that zoommtg:// to startup desktop client will no longer be used in the future, or what exactly do you mean? (I note this isn’t the case for govt zoom here: Zoom Client URL Schemes - Guides - Documentation)



Hey @mb_j,

That’s correct, the client URL schemes will soon be removed and are currently deprecated except for the case of Zoom for Government accounts. For more information, please send an email to with a link to this thread and we’ll follow-up there.


@MaxM Is there any recommended alternative for client url? Should an user always face a zoom web page during cross app navigation?

Hey @jarry ,

Yes, check out my post here:


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