Desktop (zoommtg) access with Zak token?


We’re using Zak tokens to give access to our tech assistants to the meetings.
The format of the URL is:{MeetingID}?zak={ZakToken}

It works great, however we’re looking for a way to get the ZoomMtg url to access directly the Zoom application without opening a new browser page.

We have tried zoommtg://{MeetingID}&pwd={Password}&tk={ZakToken}&zc=0 but it’s not working…

In short, we’re looking for a way to get zoommtg link that Zoom generates when browsing to the URL. Something similar to zoommtg://{MeetingID}&sid={sid}&uid={uid}&uname={uname}&stype=100&token={token}&browser=chrome&t={t}

Is there any way to get that link? That would avoid us to open many browser pages…


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We are also looking to implement this exact functionality. Is this possible?

Hi @chrkem @osdev,

Thanks for reaching out about this—your best option for opening and starting a meeting will be to use the start_url (see our Create Meeting doc) instead of linking the Client URL schemes.


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