Did not received participant joined event, sometimes do not receive participant left event

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Not receiving proper webhook events, I have subscribed with meeting_end, participant_left and participant_joined.
There are multiple cases where participant events are missing and that is breaking things on our side as we are calculating attendance on basis of these events in our training program.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
Oauth App we have created oauth app for admin account and added trainers account under it to receive events of trainers meeting participants

This is the meeting ID - 93206758891

We also capture events from our side app also, where for this particular we can see, when he connected in our app and when he disconnected.

It’s clearly visible when he connected we did not received any participant_joined event.
But we received participant_left event when he disconnected.


Please look into it, why this is breaking and buggy??

What can be done here to minimise this issue?

Hey @taushifali,

Can you confirm you are returning a 200 OK response after receiving a webhook?


Hi @tommy,
Yes we are returning 200 after receiving zoom webhooks.
Some webhooks are not received, else we are receiving most of the webhooks.
But when we don’t receive webhook things at our end break.

Please check.

Hi @tommy,
Adding one more weird case related to webhooks, in this case there is no gap between 1st participant_left event and 2nd participant_joined event, how is this possible, not event of 1 microsecond, exact same time?

Adding details for the issue below. Adding my app side events also if that helps in debugging these issues.


Meeting Id 97933930012

1st participant_joined - 1596515872000

2nd participant_joined - 1596518565000

1st participant_left - 1596518565000

2nd participant_left - 1596518993000