Difficulty downloading recording with nodejs using API

How to download the recording (video) using NodeJs?
currently when I download through download_url it downloads the html of the page. I tested using nodeJs and Wget from linux and in both cases the same result is presented, only the page download. How can I get access to the real url to download the recording video?

Hi @ulisses.mesquita,

So you’re using https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/phone/methods#operation/getPhoneRecordings to get the download url and then when you use it, the format is HTML? Do you see any message on the page?

The following apply to your situation: Downloading a video from the url returns soft 401 html page - #5 by zoom-test

This thread also has some helpful troubleshooting steps based on your configuration: Zoom Cloud recording “download_URL” working only in browser - #11 by tommy


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