Zoom Cloud Recording Programatically Download Issue

currently i am using Zoom Cloud Recording Web-hook to record meetings. Once a meeting is successfully uploaded to Zoom Cloud, a webhook is raised that allows us to obtain the download url and recording metadata from those details. I used axios to capture and download the recording, and it provided me with a binary file that I could put straight in Amazon S3 storage. But, after successfully uploading into AWS S3, I generated a signed url in which the file was present, but the url file showed the recording was damaged.

I’ve also tried accessing the direct Download url?access token=token generated from JWT link, and the browser will successfully download it. nonetheless, Axios shows that the file is corrupted.

For Download Recording i am using this url


Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. Does Axios show that the file is corrupted every time or did this happen only one time?