Submitting website integration

We have a scheduling web site to which we want to provide simple Zoom integration (creating, updating, deleting meetings) for users who link to their Zoom account through OAuth. I’m confused about the submission process. From what I understand, we cannot make the Zoom integration publicly available until the approval process has completed. So how do you access our site to review it?

Hey @timbobweh , thanks for building with Zoom! :slight_smile:

Correct, however, you can limit who can install your app via:

In the submission flow, you can provide our App Review team with the instructions needed to test your integration.


I don’t think you’re understanding. There is no “app” - our app is a public web site that will have zoom integration built in. The install will redirect to our login/sign in page and then a page where they can connect their account through oauth. So whether someone sees the zoom integration cannot be based on the app install process.

Although more work for us, I suppose we could enable the zoom integration only for a particular user login if that would work for you.

Hey @timbobweh ,

If you are having them connect their Zoom account with your website, this will require a Zoom OAuth App to make that connection possible.

Let me know if I am misunderstanding you. :slight_smile:


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