Disable audio selection of individual/groups of participants

Zoom is being used increasingly by theater groups and bands for live streams. Such users need to be able to communicate simultaneously. For live music, stream latency of course is a big hurdle that is probably unsolvable. For theater and spoken word some delay is permissible. However, for such application it is undesirable that the algorithms behind Zoom decide who is getting the audio stage and suppress other audio streams. For such live streams it would be very helpful f this mechanism could be switched off.
The solution is that the audio for a sub-group of the participants (the actors) audio will never be suppressed. This can be a setting in the meeting very similar to the original audio setting.
A first approach could be a generic setting for the meeting itself because listeners (the audience) can be asked to mute their mic’s. In a second phase the settings could be activated on a subgroup or individual participants.

We have tried original audio on which is a great enhancement on audio quality (music).

We have tried to use the shared (screen) audio audio. But that also gets suppressed by the algorithm.