Display recordings outside of zoom

I have already recorded meetings that i would like to display to my clients on an external website (outside of zoom), i’ve tried the play_url inside (video source tags in html) but it didn’t work, also tried to embed it into iframe using the following implementation:


but it only worked for Mozilla FireFox, while it returned with 403 (Forbbiden) on chromium based browsers (chrome / edge & brave).
is there a way to display the recordings without downloading it and hosting it locally ?
Thanks in advance!

Note: this is a part of React project.

Hi @zeid.magboub , are these password protected recordings?


hi @gianni.zoom.
no, they are accessible by anyone with the url.

any possible solution here @gianni.zoom ?

Hi @zeid.magboub ,

Thanks for the update! It appears you may have to display the recording in a child window:

Let me know if this helps,