Is it necessary to publish the marketplace for limited use?

We thinking of publishing an app on Zoom Macketplace.
Please let me know if we need to publish the app even for our use case.

■ Use case

Our app is published as a native app for iOS/Android.
One of the features within this native app is Zoom MTG, which uses the Zoom SDK.
Perform Zoom MTG by entering the meeting ID from the native app function.
(The actual implementation is based on

Additionally, users who receive a meeting ID will be able to communicate with us.
Only users of companies we do business with.

Here’s a question.
Is publishing to Macketplace necessary for the above use case as well?
Or, since the meeting is limited, will it no longer be necessary to make it public?


@developer25 If you need external users to use your SDK to start / join meeting, then you will need to publish your application.

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Thank you for your advice.

I see.
So, I understand that if even one external user uses the app, it is necessary to make it public.