Listing registrants of a past webinar


Hi! I would like to retrieve the list (or just the number) of registrants of a webinar that’s already over, to be able to calculate attendance % for webinar instances.

As I understand, the webinar registrants endpoint ( returns those that are registered at the moment of the request.

Is there a way to somehow return the registrant list of a webinar instance that happened in the past, for a given webinar UUID?


Hi @judit.kiss,

You can use our Dashboard API to retrieve webinar participants in the past using the UUID. -


Hi @Michael_Purnell, Thank you, but I would like to retrieve either the list or the count of people who registered but did not participate. This would allow me to calculate attendance ratio. Is it available somewhere with the API?
I’m wondering because the attendee report that can be downloaded as csv contains this information, but I didn’t find such endpoint in the API.