Do you have to have a company to launch a Zoom app?

I want to launch my Zoom integrated app and I know I have to get reviewed for the public release.

Can individuals launch an app or do you need to incorporate a company to do that?


Hi @hide,

Individuals can create and publish an app. :slight_smile:

You can follow this process to do so:


Hi @will.zoom, thank you for your response!

I have another question, so if I launch a product publicly, and then want to change its functionality, do I have to submit the application and go through the process again?

If I have to, I would like to know if that’s the case when the functionality doesn’t involve Zoom API/SDK.

It’s still a prototype, so I am going to iterate it fast based on users’ feedback. So I am wondering how it would work if I am changing the prototype’s functionality every day.

Thank you!

Hi @hide,

Good question—if your changes don’t affect how your app interacts with Zoom OAuth/APIs, then you should not be required to have these changes approved by Zoom.

Only if the scope of the data your app requests from Zoom changes, or how your app interacts with our OAuth flow changes, would you need to have our Marketplace team review.


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