Document the Windows Protocol zoomus:// url

Currently the Windows Registry setting:
is updated with a Protocol definded as ‘zoom’
which redirects to
“C:\Users{username}\AppData\Roaming\Zoom\bin\Zoom.exe” “–url=%1”

Where is the document or please take a request to write a document that :slight_smile:

Describes the method of ‘deep linking’ via the protocol ‘zoomus://’ to provide a value of the ‘url%1’ parameter, and what are the valid values of the parameter?

the documentation of this “Deprecated Client URL Scheme”

is gone with the documentation upgrade this year

the page seems not to be archived on

this is what i have used

for desktop: zoommtg://[meetingID]&pwd=[passcode]&zc=0&uname=[username]
for mobile: zoomus://[meetingID]&pwd=[passcode]&zc=0&uname=[username]

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I tried the zoommtg URI on windows and it worked just fine. Thank you!

So dissapointed that this knowledge is now ‘secret’ and there is no documentation on it.

Now I know Zoom refer to the windows protocol registration as “URL Schema” I found a few posts relating to other requests for more documentation:

Which Zoom Client URL Schemes parameters are required? - #6 by will.zoom responded to by @will.zoom I wonder whether the information provided was documented

Who at Zoom Dev will release the documentation? @will.zoom ?