Documentation and Code Quality

Dear Zoom,

The Zoom Meetings product is a very useful product, especially for the last 2 years for hundreds of millions of people it has been a tool to keep in touch, remote worship, etc!

Zoom has also been generous in letting people use it for free of charge and should be commended and thanked for it!

I have been using it twice a week for a total of 5 hours for the last 18 months I think, and I find it friendly enough!

IMHO, the code(for C#) made available for developers is completely opposite and I perfectly understand why it is the case.

The things I believe could be AND should be improved are as follows:

  1. The terminology is very important in order to make the APsI intuitive to the developers. there shouldn’t be any abuse of the fundamental concepts or terms defined. for example, what is the difference between API and SDK? Well, SDKs have APIs therefore when Zoom doco says API it has to make it explicit as REST API.

  2. ZAK, JWT, API JWT, SDK JWT, Access Token all must be covered under the ‘Basics’

  3. When naming error codes the labels have to be descriptive and semantically acceptable! SDKERR_WRONG_USAGE, SDKERR_UNINITIALIZE are so confusing. For C# coder the wrapper library is only available as a release version so it makes it doubly difficult to reason what might be causing the issues when you get an error.

  4. The code has to be improved with the ‘principle of least surprise’ in mind. When I call a REST API SDKError code is SDKERR_SUCCESS but the response content is empty and that is a serious inconsistency!

If the code isn’t self-documenting and descriptive then that could cost Zoom’s developers both in and out their valuable time…

As I said I perfectly understand why things are the way they are because Zoom’s demand exploded exponentially since covid and it would take time to hire and train and also perhaps Zoom didn’t intend to have SDKs available for coders and then had to make them available to meet the demand.

As someone who is benefiting from Zoom’s generosity, I’d like to help for free with documentation and for the wrapper too.

Please feel free to get in touch with me…

I apologize unreservedly if my comments have offended anyone, that was not my intention but to improve so that it will help a lot of people!

So lets help Zoom guys!