Does anyone know how to convert local Zoom files on a Mac when the conversion failed?

Just read about the great trick to start a new meeting. The way I did it was probably much harder and not for everyone. I have a Mac running Windows using Parallels. I downloaded and unzipped the Zoom SDK, changed the extension from “.zoom” to “.meetingrec” (this is needed for some reason) for all the files in the meeting, then changed the “open with” property on these to manually select zTscoder.exe from the bin folder inside the SDK folder, and finally double clicked within Windows and it finally worked. Seriously WTF.

You are a genius! Totally worked for me, after I waited 1+ week for Zoom tech support to process my recording.

Thanks so much!

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I found a way to “reconnect” the .zoom files with the converter so the double-click to convert works again:


I just followed your instructions and it worked. Thank you so much!!!

Hi everyone,

If you are facing issues when converting local recording, you may also refer to the support page for more info:

If you are still facing issues with the recording conversion process, as this component is out of the scope of Zoom Marketplace(which is this forum for), please contact Zoom support at and one of the Zoom experts will be happy to assist you.

Thank you!