Does having multiple Zapier account connections to Zoom cause disconnection issues?

We are using the Zapier ‘Create Webinar Registrant in Zoom’ zap to add people to a webinar without any problems. The issue is that the account that is connected keeps on disconnecting, we get this email from Zapier:

Hey Ralph,

We noticed that your " Zoom [{zoom-account-details}]) #4 (Zoom) " account encountered an authentication problem.

To make sure we don’t lose any of your Tasks, we’re holding them for your Zaps working with this account.

Nothing to worry about, though! You won’t lose your data from these held Tasks if you play them within the next 30 days .

When we go into ‘My connections’ in Zapier, it shows the Zoom connection is unconnected, if you click ‘Reconnect’ and re-enter credentials then it works again and the zap are able to be re-run.

This was happening once a week, or more.

I reached out to Zapier support and they said:

“Due to a specific quirk in Zoom’s API, when creating multiple app connections to the same Zoom account from Zapier, it will cause the app connections to break each other. Their proposed solution would be to take a look at the App connections and change your Zaps using the {zoom-account-dtails} connection so that they’re all using a single connection.”

We had a few connections set up with the same Zoom account, used by different zaps, for no real reason except that’s how it evolved. So on the ‘My connections’ page in Zapier we’d see a few connections under the same zoom account, used by different zaps. They would indeed seem to disconnect randomly and keeping them all connected seemed impossible.

After I removed all except one connection and made all zaps use the same one and the problem seems to have stopped (for now).

So my question is, is this a known issue with the API/Zapier integration?

I reached out to Zoom support too and they said,

“In regard to your further query about multiple authentication connections between Zoom and Zapier, please feel free to reach out directly to our dev team via or visit”

So here I am!

Hi @ralphcapper,

Thanks for reaching out to us here and for providing such a thorough explanation of this.

From the Zoom side of things, I should note that our OAuth connections/access_tokens shouldn’t have any limitations in regards to supporting multiple requests. However, one possibility I could envision here is that if you had several Zapier connections set up for different Zoom requests, if they were all leveraging the same OAuth connection, perhaps this could have resulted in competing connections, so to speak.

Since Zapier developed this integration, this is something they should be able to check, and it sounds like perhaps this is the behavior they’ve described above.

Limiting your Zaps to all have the same connection would be my recommended workaround for this as well. However, we’re always happy to work with our integration partners to try and improve these experiences—if you see this issue after consolidating your connections, I recommend reaching back out to Zapier directly, as this would mean it’s likely unrelated to any Zoom OAuth capabilities.


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Thanks for this reply, Will. Things seem stable since moving to a single connection, so hopefully that’s the fix.

Of course, glad I could clarify, and thanks for raising it with us. :slight_smile:

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