Email field in "Participant Joined" event Notifications - Changelog?

We are planning to leverage the “email” field in the event notifications for Participant Joined/Left for integrations. The said field was not available previously but I can see its being sent now and is a part of the documentation as well. I just wanted to get some more details around this change ( A change-log reference would help much ) so that we can assess on up-taking this at our end. We are trying to understand if the email of the user who joined the meeting will be sent in the “email” field in all scenarios ? or are there are some caveats/scenarios where the same may not be sent out. Earlier on there were certain privacy concerns around sending the email address, so just want to be sure this field is here to stay and we can invest effort on up-taking this.

I found an earlier thread - No Email Address in 'Participant Joined Webinar' Event at a time when this was not available but was to be taken up as an Enhancement.

Hi @ayush.goel,

Thanks for reaching out about this.

To clarify, the email field will only be returned if the participant was signed into Zoom when they joined the meeting. If they are not signed in, this will not be logged/returned.

Let me know if this helps to clarify—thanks!

Thanks @will.zoom for the reply. I was actually able to receive email addresses in notifications for users who joined without being signed in but instead registered by giving in an email address when prompted to join. So maybe that is also supported ?

Hi @ayush.goel,

Thanks for clarifying—and yes, I can confirm that if a user is registered, this would be another supported instance, as they provide their email when registering.


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