Web Client with embedded password requires passcode

I am including a link on my webpage which should let a student join a meeting directly in their browser. Now that meeting passwords will be required, I am including the pwd= argument in the URL. The first time a student clicks the link, it will require a passcode even though it is embedded in the url link they click on; however, if the student clicks the link and then reloads the page before they fill out the “Name” and captcha fields, then they will not be asked for a passcode. There is a cookie that is set on the reload “_zm_cdn_blocked” which is set to “unlog_unblk”, and this cookie is not set on the initial load, so this seems a likely culprit.

For reference, the link I am including is in the format https://cccconfer.zoom.us/wc/join/98736758551?pwd=JFdBaXNLTmZqb2VYME59WXUwQU9Xdz09

Is it possible to get a link like the one above to directly open a meeting in browser without requiring a page reload or a passcode?

The use case: We have an online tutoring center, and we have found that we need to remove as many barriers to enter the meeting as possible in order for many students to use it. Requiring a client download or a passcode causes many of these students to give up and not get the tutoring help they need.

Thanks for any help.


Hey @jkesler,

For embedding Zoom into your website, please use the Web SDK. :slight_smile:


Thanks @tommy, that would be ideal, but my account admin hasn’t given me developer priveleges to create the JWT app. Anyway, I appreciate the suggestion. I am still hopeful that the web client can be fixed to not ask for a passcode when it’s already embedded in the url.


Hey @jkesler,

Thanks for the feedback—although the Web SDK would be your best bet, I can appreciate your feedback and understand it’s not exactly an option in your case. We’ll be happy to share this feedback internally.


Thanks @will.zoom, I appreciate that. I will continue to petition my admin for dev privileges, since I agree, that would my best bet.

Thanks again,

Thanks, @jkesler!


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