Regarding the volume of the Zoom meeting SDK used in the Android app

When accessing a meeting using the Zoom meeting SDK, even if the device’s volume is set to maximum, the sound is still low. If accessing the same meeting on a PC, there is no problem with the sound.

①Have there been similar cases of this issue?
②What is the solution to this issue?


@sato.m125 Apologies for delayed reply, I am happy to assist you here.
I am assuming that you are trying to join a meeting from a meeting sdk for web (v.2.7.0) using Android Chrome browser, with a counterpart PC browser. Correct?

I think the issue is known and fixed in 2.8.0,

which has multiple audio related fixes and enhancements.

Besides, the 2.7.0 is already deprecated along the SDK minimum version policy described here;

I strongly recommend you to use the latest SDK version which currently is 2.15.2 to get not only the bug-fixes, but tons of enhancements.

Would you mind check with 2.15.2 to see if the issue had been solved?