Enable “Follow-Up Email" to be included as a feature for Zoom Meetings

We are launching a mandatory Information Session via Zoom for applicants interested in applying to our Veteran career readiness program. We have a webinar license, so this not about reducing cost - but we would like to host these sessions as meetings so potential applicants can meet one another.

The automatic follow-up email feature is necessary for us to provide instructions for the next step in the application process - but is only enabled in Webinars.

This is frustrating because we believe hosting our Information Sessions as Zoom Meetings will be better received by our applicant population. If we host the sessions as Meetings, we will need to download registration information multiple times per week over to conduct our follow-up. Our Information Sessions will be recurring sessions over the course of 2 months and we will be conducting them for more than 600 potential applicants.

It is my hope that the “Follow-Up Email” feature will be included in Zoom Meetings, in addition to Zoom Webinars, in the very near future.