Enable Green Screen is broken

I am always getting a 200 error when calling enableGreenVB. Sometimes it enables despite the 200. But it never disables. Here is the code:

    @objc private func switchValueDidChange(_ sender: UISwitch) {
        guard let service = MobileRTC.shared().getMeetingService(),
              service.isSupportSmartVirtualBG() else {
            assertionFailure("No service")
        let result = service.enableGreenVB(sender.isOn)
        if result != .success {
            os_log(.error, log: .zoomSdk, "enableGreenVB failed: %d", result.rawValue)

Here is my log:

2021-10-19 11:09:49.147935-0700 ClassForZoom[1789:1380899] invalid mode 'kCFRunLoopCommonModes' provided to CFRunLoopRunSpecific - break on _CFRunLoopError_RunCalledWithInvalidMode to debug. This message will only appear once per execution.
2021-10-19 11:09:49.150286-0700 ClassForZoom[1789:1380899] [zoomSDK] enableGreenVB failed: 200

I think that probably the first entry, _CFRunLoopError_RunCalledWithInvalidMode, is coming from the Zoom SDK.

Which iOS Meeting SDK version?
Tried with both

  • iOS Meeting SDK v5.7.6
  • Meeting SDK iOS v5.7.6.1080 (hotfix)

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: iPad Air 4th generation
  • Device: iPad Mini 5th generation
  • OS: iOS 15.0.1

Hey @steven.otoole,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

Hmm that is strange, can you reproduce the issue one more time and then obtain the SDK logs from that instance and send them to me at developersupport@zoom.us? Please include a link to this post and mention my name.

Instructions for obtaining the logs can be found here:


Hey @steven.otoole,

The logs indicate that the device used was a iPad Mini 5th gen, which does not support virtual backgrounds. Could you send over new logs from an iPad that does support virtual backgrounds?


Hi Michael –

Sorry, I was not aware that iPad Mini 5th gen does not support virtual backgrounds. I have been using virtual backgrounds on this device in both my app and the Zoom app without a problem – except for Green Screen.

Is this the best page for current Virtual Background Support information?

It says:

  • 5th and 6th generation 9.7" iPad
  • 7th generation and higher 10.2” iPad
  • iPad Pro

Does that mean no iPad Air support? My other device is an iPad Air.

I also have similar questions about Blurred backgrounds. Maybe the reason I cannot get them to work is that they are not supported.

Thanks for your help,
– Steven

Also, isSupportSmartVirtualBG or isSupportVirtualBG don’t seem to be working.

Here is what the iPad Mini reports:
iPad11,1; isSupportSmartVirtualBG: true; isSupportVirtualBG: true

And here is my iPad Air
iPad13,1; isSupportSmartVirtualBG: true; isSupportVirtualBG: true

iPad11,1: iPad mini 5th Gen (WiFi)
iPad13,1 : iPad Air 4th Gen (WiFi)

Hey @steven.otoole,

Let me check with the team on this one.


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