enableHighFidelityMusicMode in Web Video SDK?

I noticed other native versions of the Video SDK, they additional audio settings features–in particular enableHighFidelityMusicMode–that I do not see documented in the Web SDK docs.

Is this available in the Web SDK?

I want to stream a music performance to other participants. I can turn off background noise suppression–but I don’t seem to be able to send/receive audio at above 24k bitrates. (Targeting 44.1-48k.)

Is high quality music performance possible with this platform?

I see this thread from 2021, but can’t seem to find the modern state of affairs here!

Hi @bryant ,

Thank you for your post. Unfortunately, at this time, it is not possible to send/receive audio above the mentioned bitrates. You can make a feature request for this option in this section here.


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Hey @bryant ,

Great news, we now have High Fidelity audio in our Video SDK web.