Enabling optimization for video appears to also enable sharing of computer sound

Meeting SDK Type and Version
Windows C# Wrapper v5.15.2.18146

We’ve got an app that utilizes the EnableOptimizeForFullScreenVideoClip of IMeetingShareController and we also utilize the EnableShareComputerSound method as well. We discovered that the order of calling these methods appears to matter. If we call EnableShareComputerSound prior to EnableOptimizeForFullScreenVideoClip, no matter what value we pass it, the computer sound is shared. It’s only when we call EnableOptimizeForFullScreenVideoClip, and then EnableShareComputerSound to turn of sound sharing that it works.

Troubleshooting Routes
We tested this with both the most recent 5.15 and 5.14 and it seems to happen with both.

How To Reproduce

  1. Start a meeting
  2. Get the meeting share controller instance
  3. Call the EnableShareComputerSound method of the meeting share controller instance, passing it false
  4. Call the EnableOptimizeForFullScreenVideoClip method of the meeting share controller instance, passing it true
  5. Start sharing the screen by calling the StartMonitorShare method of the meeting share controller instance.
  6. The app will now be sharing it’s screen and sharing it’s sound.