Error code 103033

We had a meeting today (with required registration) and some users got this error (103033) when they tried to access it.
All the users were created and approved before the meeting but we kept having this error until we ran the API again to recreate and reapprove them.

All the users that got this error had a valid token for the meeting.

Is there something we can do to identify and to not repeat this error?

An unkown error ocurred / Error Code: 103033

Screenshots (If applicable)
The screenshot below was sent from one of our users.
image (3)

Hi @thadeu.barbosa,

Thanks for reaching out about this.

Typically this error means “This email has been denied by the meeting host”, if the host forbids certain emails (Or the email skipped the registration process for a registration-required meeting), then this error will show up.

I hope this helps, but let me know if you have questions about this.



Hi @will.zoom !

That’s the weird thing. We use the same meeting / user creation/link for our process and this happened only once (but with a lot of users) and no more.
We’d like to know if it was a stability problem with zoom or any other issue that we can prevent at all.

(I looked up for this error code before opening this thread and our team checked to be sure that it wasn’t a permission issue)

Hi @thadeu.barbosa,

Can you share the meeting ID that this happened on? I’m happy to take a closer look!


Hi Will, thanks for the help!

The meeting ID was 99308239457

Hi @thadeu.barbosa,

Thank you for confirming. I believe this was a result of a transient issue we experienced recently, but should now be resolved (ZOOM-248139).

If you encounter this error again, I’ll kindly ask that you please share the details of the meeting with our Technical Support team here. :slight_smile:


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