Error 400 for one of 2 identical OAuth Apps

we have to identical OAuth Apps for the same Account (created in marketplace).

One ist working withaout errors and works for create meetings via RestAPI Calls.

The other was created identically with the same account and leads to error status=400, reason : invalid client_id oder client_secret:invalid client

we verified clientID and secret : thy are correct. Thank you for your ideas

HI @wilo ,

I have a few questions:

Have you authorized the app and received a valid OAuth access token?

Does the app with error code 400 have two sets of application credentials?

Thank you!

thanks Gianni!

the error occurs during authentification so i dont get a access token.

well the app with code 400 does only have one set of credentials.

Both Apps are Account Level Apps, could this be the problem? But when i deactivate the working app i still receive eror 400 for the remaining app.

@wilo , the app type shouldn’t be an issue. Can you please try authorizing through Postman?

For guidance on use, you can refer to this post: Guide: Making a Zoom API Call with OAuth Credentials in Postman