Error '400' on attempting to assign Calling plan to new phone user created with zoom API

Hi @Co-hamster ,

I see it is still open. Are you logged in while accessing the link? I see you last responded March 25.

That is correct, I’m so sorry.
I was using the wrong thing to attempt to get to the zoom case.

@Co-hamster no worries! Please follow up there :slight_smile:

I think I am facing the same issue. How can I access the support ticket? or can you post the resolution here please.

@swapna.cheguri @Co-hamster , I checked to see if there was a resolution and do not see one on the ticket, but see from the notes this may be related to past bug info.

I’ll folllow up privately for the info needed for the support ticket.

@swapna.cheguri was able to resolve:

After user is uploaded, all I had to do are the below two APIs

  1. Run the “assign_pending_user” using /phone/users/batch API (PUT).
    URL: {{baseUrl}}/phone/users/batch
    BODY: {
    “batch_type”: “assign_pending_user”,
    “user_ids”: [

  2. Add the phone number to the user
    URL: {{baseUrl}}/phone/users/##ZOOMUSERID##/phone_numbers
    BODY: {
    “phone_numbers”: [
    “number”: “+###########”
    Using the calling plans API and enable phone API was messing it up with the flow.

I tried to mark

as resolved or mark as a solution. But I don’t see such option. Do you know why?

Hi @swapna.cheguri , it’s cause it’s our private message , not the the thread.